Letter to the Editor: I am a Forester born and bred, and it grieves me when I hear negative comments about the Forest.

Recently, friends of mine took their young grandsons to Saint Anthony’s Well, a frequently used and popular attraction in the Forest of Dean.

Imagine their dismay when, on arrival, they discovered a naturist group bathing there. 

They did manage to distract their grandchildren somewhat, but were aghast when one of them pointed out that a person was taking off all their clothes in front of everyone!

Now, I do realise that naturism is a popular activity among some people, but surely, would it not be more prudent to have certain times for this when members of the public come regularly to this venue and also, perhaps, to have notices put up when naturists gather there? 

Also, if there is unannounced nudity, would this not come into the category of indecent exposure?

I appreciate that naturists have the right to use venues, as does everyone, but especially when there are children about, would it not be possible to have some sort of timetable brought up that would give everyone a chance to enjoy this attraction in their own way?

Concerned Forester