‘Conservatives have lost my vote’

Tuesday 1st March 2022 12:46 pm
David Davies 2019.
David Davies 2019. (Tindle )

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As always each week I do enjoy reading through the pages of the Beacon to catch up with the local news and activities.

In particular I enjoy the Letters sent in clearly by readers who care about specific aspects and are also willing to put pen to paper to express their feelings on issues that are important.

Until a couple of years ago one could say that I was a supporter of the Conservative Party and had been most of my adult life including during my 24 years spent in the Armed Forces.

Unfortunately, a couple of years ago Mr David Davies lost my vote and those of my close family, including also some of my colleagues over serious local issue involving environmental negligence being caused by a local landowner, something which has still not been resolved.

However, Mr Davies’ current stance of supporting the current leader of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnston after he had been caught out lying to the nation about the shenanigans and partying taking place during the UK’s lockdowns just about summed up the current Conservative Party as a whole.

Clearly, Boris Johnson learned much from his time when working with Dominic Cummings and in fact Mr Cummings has also managed to infect most of the current Cabinet members with the very same disease.

Politics is a dirty game and many of those who are currently wrapped up in it right across the political divide would sell their grandmothers to the highest bidders to keep their creature comforts and status as we have seen over recent years.

My advice to voters prior to the forthcoming May local elections is think very carefully where you place your vote.

If ever there is a time for change then 2022, would be a good start afresh.

Mike Moffatt, Monmouth

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