Over thirteen hundred people have signed The Beacon-backed petition, calling for the re-instatement of CCTV cameras in Monmouth.

The town's Chamber of Trade and Commerce, representing many of the businesses in Monmouth, had launched the petition following the decision of Monmouth Town Council not to become involved with the scheme, which is organised and largely, but not wholly, funded by Monmouthshire County Council.

Traders and townspeople, accompanied by Beacon Editor, Robert Williams, and photographer, Des Pugh, went to the Town Council's temporary home in Priory Street last Friday morning, with the hope that either the Town Mayor, Counc. Terry Christopher, or the Town Clerk, Sarah Robson, would be present to accept the petition. That was not the case.

A total of 1,344 people signed the petition, but Mr Ramsey, who is Secretary of the Chamber, decided to remove the names of those people who live outside the town proper.

Mr Ramsey handed over the petition, which called for the reinstatement of CCTV in Monmouth.

He told The Beacon "It is clear that, with 1344 names on the petition, there is widespread public support for CCTV cameras in the town.

"Moreover, in the absence of any comment whatsoever from the Town Council, I have written an open letter to the Mayor, asking him why the Town Council seem to be ignoring their responsibilities.

"Town Councillors are elected to represent the views of the electorate and it would appear that they are not doing so on this very important community safety issue".

In his letter to the Mayor, Mr Ramsey said "You will recall that I emailed you to advise that the Chamber was to organise a petition as we have now completed this task and the subsequent petition is attached. The results are summarised as follows: Number of Petitioners: 1344; Exclusions 307. Total residents/workers in the town who have signed: 1037.

"Notwithstanding the exclusions, this indicates that there are more than one thousand people who reside in Monmouth, a considerable number of the electorate, who would like CCTV reinstated. The Chamber of Commerce would like to remind you of the One Voice Wales statements with regard to the Responsibilities of a Town Council:

"Individual powers include crime reduction measures. Bearing in mind your responsibilities for Crime Reduction, what measures are the Town Council currently considering with regard to alternatives to the County Council CCTV User Group scheme?

"Bearing in mind the significant number of people who want to see CCTV reinstated in Monmouth, how does the Town Council's decision to remain outside of the camera partnership represent the views of local people?".

Town Clerk Sarah Robson said on Monday: "The petition will go forward as an item of correspondence for the members' consideration as to any further action".

Pictured right: The petition on its way to the Town Council