The threatened closure of Usk Library would be a loss of a highly valued public service and must be opposed.

One wishes the campaign to oppose the closure all the very best, however they seem to have garnered support from a very strange place.

Unless I'm mistaken, Messrs Davies and Ramsay, are members of the Conservative Party and supporters of the current Westminster Government.

What jaw dropping hypocrisy that these two gentlemen lend their support to the campaign (Beacon October 16th).

I feel their party and government is the source of the direct threat to Usk Library and other vital public services on which our people and communities rely.

I believe public provision is anathema to the current Tories.

Perhaps Mr Davies might want to explain to us all what he thinks would be a 'good and acceptable cut' to local council services. One assumes that he will oppose any council tax rise to help ameliorate the situation in a small way

Presumably Mr Davies and Mr Ramsey fear alienating voters if they refuse to support the Usk Library.

Peter Short