A Monmouth trader is campaigning to bring back herringbone parking to help revitalise the High Street amongst other ideas.

Yvonne Perry of Envee has started a petition to return parking in Monnow Street to the angled style that was used until 1972 when parallel parking was introduced.

She would also like to see an end to the temporary pavement extensions that were put in for covid which she claims was proven to never have worked.

She has been running her ‘Bring back memory lane’ petition for three weeks and has so far gathered 1,280 signatures backing her proposal.

“I did it because I was passionate about this town,” she told the Beacon.

“A lot of less-abled drivers are coming in and saying what a fantastic idea but you've got to get the people - the decision-makers - to come on board with it.

“To me, if you want this town to thrive and survive, adopt herringbone parking, abolish parking fees totally and then get our market stall holders out of the rain and the cold and into one of the few buildings that we've got that are empty, and then we can get the car park back on a Friday and Saturday, two of the busiest days.”

“The council should be listening to the public and the people who live here, the people who work here, the people who run businesses, the people who send their children to school here, they know what’ll make this town thrive!”

Talking about the roadworks, she said she knows this has got to happen, but pleads for the work to be staggered: "They have got to give us a break. stagger it to give us time to recover because a lot of us haven't recovered from covid, we are still paying back bounce-back loans.

“And why is England getting 75 per cent business rate relief and we are only getting 40 per cent?

“If it doesn’t change, we won’t have any shops," she added.

“I'm absolutely sure that most of the decision makers do not shop in Monmouth, do not live in Monmouth. How can they make decisions? 

"Every town is different and this is a medieval market town”.

If you want to sign her petition, pop into Envee on Monnow Street.