SYMOND’S Yat Rock may be one of the glories of the Wye Valley, attracting thousands of visitors a year but it is named on a list of “off the track” locations.

The Rock features on the list of Britain’s top 100 beautiful “off the beaten track” locations compiled by vehicle manufacturer Jeep and map makers at Ordnance Survey (OS).

Symond’s Yat is named at number eight on the list.

They have produced an interactive map which allows users to discover activities to do or things to see at the location, and find details of nearby walking or cycling routes which can be accessed through the OS Maps app.

It follows a study of 2,000 adults which found 31 per cent have seen little of Britain.

Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) have never visited Scotland, 17 per cent not ventured to Wales, and 20 per cent not even been to London.

Kris Cholmondeley, managing director for the car maker, which commissioned the research and will also be releasing limited physical copies of the map via its UK social media channels, said: “There is so much of the Great British outdoors people have yet to experience.

“Spots which showcase the best of Britain’s stunning landscapes, yet those that are lesser known to the wider public.”

The study also found 80 per cent are keen to see more of Britain, with 57 per cent of those especially eager to visit ‘unexpected places.’

Other reasons for wanting to travel more widely include wanting to get away from ‘the same old surroundings’ (43 per cent) and a desire to ‘go on an adventure’ (35 per cent).

However, 85 per cent have to date been hindered in their attempts to explore as much as they’d like, because it’s too expensive (39 per cent) and a lack of free time (29 per cent).

It also emerged, 34 per cent are now more likely to holiday in Britain than they were pre-pandemic.

As many as 53 per cent who feel this way believe overseas travel is too expensive, while 38 per cent believe travelling domestically is less time consuming.

And 54 per cent think there is more to discover in Britain than they had realised pre-Covid.

Which might explain why 49 per cent of everyone polled believe it has the best outdoor spaces in Europe.

But it’s the lesser-known places which seem to particularly appeal - and especially locations which won’t break the bank to visit.

The research, carried out through OnePoll, found 52 per cent try to avoid the more popular tourist hotspots Britain has to offer.

While 57 per cent revealed they’re looking for places which they can visit for free or at a low cost - largely due to the cost-of-living crisis.

Nick Giles, managing director of Ordnance Survey Leisure, said: “It’s heartening to know that eight out of 10 people in Britain today would love to explore more of our wonderful country.

“As the survey results show, so much of Britain remains unexplored for so many of us.

“We are delighted to work with Jeep to map the 100 ‘Off the Beaten Track’ locations and hope that this will inspire people up and down the land to get outside.”

The ‘Get Lost With Jeep Compass map can be accessed at