In response to Mr Kenneally's letter about how well Mr Ramsey conducts himself in the assembly.

I am in total agreement to taking the opportunity to view his performance on television.

Perhaps it should be viewed on the inordinately expensive television he claimed for when taking up his post in the assembly, but then that was essential to view the DVD's that constituents may have sent him as he said at the time.

How about viewing the proceedings in his previously subsidised flat, less than 25 miles from his constituency.

Those of us who commuted to work in Cardiff on a daily basis understood fully the need for this flat.

Oh I almost forgot, the system allowed it so how could it have been wrong.

Unlike Mr Kenneally I am not enamoured of our political class and all I see when viewing parliament are hundreds of MPs who had inadvertently over claimed on expenses, and then suddenly have been hit by a beam of light where they had a vision of what was true and proper.

We were then confronted by the nauseous sight of them repaying sums of money to us, the taxpayer, in many cases without apology or explanation.

If Mr Kenneally would like to view a true record of how our politicians behave perhaps he should watch a recording of Mrs Blears repaying £34,000 overclaimed on her second home.

Or even better show a recording of Mr Eric Pickles appearing on Question Time and lauding the fact that he claimed on a second home a few miles from Parliament.

What about the husband and wife who forgot to discuss who was claiming for what when living together.

What is so annoying is that most of these people are still our representatives, telling us how we should live our lives.

I intensely dislike the attitude now shown that somehow what happened before occurred because the system allowed it.

How about standards, and for a man who Mr Kenneally describes as brighter than most, doesn't that make it worse?

G James