Monmouth Comprehensive School Bar Mock Trial team has attained first place in the competition at Cardiff Crown Court on Saturday, 11th November where Year 11 - 13 students from six schools across Wales competed against each other.

Students had to prepare two criminal law cases. The first case R v Newton focussed on the offence of Computer Misuse and the second case R v Hynes dealt with public nuisance. The MCS team performed brilliantly giving excellent performances from witnesses facing intense cross-examination to barristers giving powerful opening and closing speeches. The ushers and clerks dealt expertly with court admin with jury members deciding on the verdict.

Mrs Jones, Teacher of Law & Social Science at MCS said “The MCS team were superb ambassadors of the school. They each gave 100% to their role and were kind and congratulated their competitors for putting on a strong performance. The MCS team benefitted from the excellent advice and mentorship of Barrister Christopher Felstead. He kindly spent Saturday in court with us and provided the team with wigs and gowns to wear. The MCS team were truly outstanding and we are very proud of them. We shall now progress onto the national final at the Old Bailey Court in London in March 2024.”