‘Save the Wye’ campaigners held a procession from the old Monnow Bridge headed by the Goddess of the Wye and the Algae monster plus the Samba band on Sunday as part of their actrion day.

Residents were asked to join in and carry banners and fish to wave.

Friends of the Lower Wye campaign group have been going for two years, working with the various authorities, both English and Welsh governments, plus the farming community.

They say River Wye pollution is caused by nitrates and phosphates that either come from the sewage works or agriculture from the spreading of manure.

Their aim is to get the river back to full health so wildlife can thrive and people can enjoy the river.

This year there were over 30 stands on Chippenham to learn about the importance of bees as well as stands for fishing, fungi and making willow baskets.

There was music from Wye 5, a rock ukulele band, who played their latest single ‘Save the Wye’, plus Mr & Mrs Jones and Skylark.

Pictures courtesy Emma Drabble.