Madam, Despite the large advert in the Ross Gazette on September 26th the turnout for Keep our Post Offices Open Public Meeting held at the Larruperz Community Centre was very disappointing with less than 30 people attending, and with many of these being from the outlying villages. Even though it is very unlikely that Ross Town Post Offices will close this is by no means the case for the village post offices in Herefordshire. The meeting, led by the chairman was well organised and informative, with literature from the National Consumer Council and the Post Office Network Change Programme distributed to those present. The formal closure programme for Herefordshire has now been deferred to May and July 2008 depending on the geographical location of the individual post office. This will account for the final phase of the National Closure Programme, making Herefordshire post offices more at risk. The village post office is a vital community service, especially for many vulnerable and elderly people in our society. Where the post office is linked with the village shop as in Gorsley, there is the added concern that the shop will close too as they are an integral part of the business. This shop and post office provides a unique pastoral service to the elderly and vulnerable young adults with learning difficulties within the community. To demonstrate the concern and feelings of the community I presented a list of over 300 signatures from Gorsley and over 100 signatures from Lea, to the chairman at the meeting. Signatures have also been collected from Linton and Upton Bishop. It is hoped in the near future to hold public meetings in Lea and Gorsley to enable the local residents to express their concerns. Although this campaign is being led by Mr Jesse Norman, the principal issue is very much a non political one that will affect all who live in the rural community and we should put political persuasions aside and support this very necessary campaign. Rosemarie Tree, Aston Ingham