Following the successful lantern parade to Agincourt Square on Saturday 3rd the Rotary Santa and Sleigh has the following planned schedule:

Monnow Street outside Coffee #1: Saturday and Sunday 10, 11th and 17th and 18th of December.

On Saturday 10th all donations will be dedicated towards an ambulance to be donated to Kyiv by several Rotary Clubs including Monmouth.

On other days proceeds will go towards other local charities supported by Rotary Monmouth.

The week of December 12th the Rotary Sleigh will, for the first time since before the Covid pandemic again tour streets in Monmouth bringing Santa to children small and large.

Unlike previous years the sleigh will be able to be tracked with predefined stops which will be advertised with signs a day or two before the tour, details to follow on the Rotary Monmouth Facebook page. This means that Rotarians will no longer be knocking on doors as part of their collection.

This is the first year we have tried the system so will only do four routes as an experiment.

Monday 12th – Wonastow Road, Kingswood estate Tuesday 13th – Rockfield Estate – Kingswood Drive area Thursday 15th – Rockfield Estate – Jordans Way area Friday 16th – Wyesham

The route details will be on the Rotary Monmouth website – with stopping points indicated.

As always, this plan may need to change due to weather or other circumstances.

Anyone wishing to donate can text to 70450 the key word ROTARYM followed by a number between 1 and 20, so for example, ROTARYM 3 would be a donation of £3.

Rotary Monmouth wishes everyone a happy Christmas.