Planning for Real is to be used by the Ross Town Plan steering group to involve the whole community in the future development of Ross.

Although unfamiliar to many people Planning for Real has proved to be an effective way of allowing people to have a direct input, in a 'fun' way, and to give their views on what they consider should be priorities when shaping the Town Plan.

It involves displaying a large scale map of Ross on which residents can plant flags indentifying the topics and areas they feel are important to be included when drawing up the plan for the future. The flags can be used to highlight geographic developments wanted and/or specific topics that they want to be considered.

The first Planning for Real event will be held at the Larruperz Centre on Thursday, September 25th, from 10 am to 5 pm Everyone is welcome, from the youngest to the oldest. All they need to do is come along and play their part in this important consultative process.

To avoid duplication visitors planting flags will be asked to provide their postcode, age and gender. This will also help in the analysis of the results

Further Planning for Real events will be held over the next few weeks at different venues including the Market Place, Library, Tudorville and, with a view to the younger element, at Brampton Abbotts Primary School and John Kyrle High School. The dates will be announced shortly and will also be posted on the Town Plan's own website">

Once the results of the Planning for Real events have been fully analysed, they will be used to compile a questionnaire. The questionnaire will be distributed to residents in the town to complete the vitally important consultation before the Plan is drawn up to recommend the future direction of Ross in the years ahead.