Ross-on-Wye Mayor Cllr Louis Stark has branded the new local plan for the county which could see 1.000 homes built in the town, as “unsustainable”.

According to the plan, which sets out what will be built where between now and 2041, Ross will see the largest single development outside of Hereford, which will be going on land straddling the Rudhall Brook to the East of the town south of the Traveller’s Rest roundabout where the M50 terminates. 

Cllr Louis Stark said: "Putting another 1,000 new homes on the north-eastern edge of Ross, divorced from the town, will create a satellite area for commuters using their cars to work elsewhere. 

“This is not sustainable on any measure and will not contribute to the 2030 net-zero ambitions that Herefordshire Council have for the county. 

“Not only that but the additional housing will put more pressure on an already creaking infrastructure in the town. Without commensurate investment in, among other things, local health provision, local bus services and a strategy for the Town centre that would enable it to cope with the extra vehicles that this proposal would generate, the idea that dumping another 1000 houses on the edge of Ross is untenable in planning terms." 

By 2041, the government says Herefordshire will need to have built 16,100 new homes with some 6,500 homes already built or having been granted planning permission.

The local plan also covers areas for business and industry as well as the community facilities, roads and other infrastructure. Consultation on it, including in-person events round the country, runs until May 20. You can see the full list of housing development plans on the Herefordshire council website.