Theodore Dekin holding the Dekin Rose Bowl which he was able to present to Vicky Page of Ross Preschool playgroup. Also pictured are Mr Dekin's wife and daughter, Mel Hodges, Chair of the Ross Carnival Committee, Pauline Williams and youngsters of Ross Preschool Playgroup and Joyce Thomas MBE DL.

Monday was a very special evening for one man when he was able to present a Rose Bowl which had been donated to Ross Carnival by his grandparents to the Ross Preschool Playgroup. Theodore Dekins was born at Redhill in Ross in 1928 but before he was two years old his family moved to Gloucester and lost track of their relatives. He now lives in Coleford and his daughter, Doreen Poole, has been researching his family tree. Through the Ross Gazette and the website she found out a lot of information about Edwin Dekins and his shop in Cantilupe Road. She also discovered that Theodore's grandparents, Mr and Mrs E Dekin of the Kyrle Picture Palace had donated a Rose Bowl to Ross Carnival in 1929. Doreen contacted Mel Hodges the chair of Ross Carnival Committee to see if the rose bowl was still around as they wanted to get a picture of it. And last Monday they were invited to the Larruperz Centre to present the family Rose Bowl to the playgroup. It was the first time Theodore had seen the trophy which was first presented to T E Farmer in 1929.