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By Jake Chown  
Wednesday 17th November 2021 1:14 pm

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All readers’ letter from this week’s Beacon.

?Help is available from Older People’s Commissioner

This pandemic has and still is a nightmare to so many and I would encourage the elderly who are experiencing problems to get in touch with Helena Herklots CBE, the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales at Mount Stuart Square Cardiff.

She wants your participation and is there to help. Telephone 03442640670.

Helena is concerned about the long-term loneliness of some 91,000 in Wales, and that only 23 per cent of older people found it easy to access health services online, and about other Health and Social Services issues that affect us elderly.

Over 25 years ago Help the Aged and other organisations launched the Welsh Strategy for Older People, signing up to various charters including that of the The United Nations, to ensure quality of life for the elderly.

Unfortunately, ten years of austerity and the 2008 banking crisis have run our public services into the ground: too many standards for the elderly have dropped alarmingly.

As a founder member, executive and past Chair of Action 50+ Monmouth Forum and instigator of Abergavenny’s present Action Forum, I have always been keen to see that we have followed the Nolan principles in a democratic manner, (though not possible in these past two years)

I was unable because of Corvid to attend the Tea Ladies event at Bridges on Monday November 8 where some members of Monmouth Action Forum saw “the wind up”.

I wish good luck and success to Bridges Tea Ladies,

I am also glad to know that Action 50+ Monmouth presented £2,016 to a worthy cause and l would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the past members and others for their great support.

Sylvia Gilbert

Still waiting for an explanation

With stories of Tory greed and sleaze swirling about it’s interesting that Wyesham’s Tory county councillor Laura Anne Jones, who’s also been a member of the Senedd since July 2020, continued to take her £14,218 Monmouthshire salary on top of the £67,649 plus expenses she gets in Cardiff.

She has not so far responded to my emailed inquiry.

Charles BoaseMonmouth

Used stamps

I would like to say a big thank you to your readers for sending their used postage stamps etc etc for animal charities.

With things almost going back to normal and things have got better without animal charities since this year, we are now hitting our winter challenge with many of our loved animals are still unwanted and help good homes. Animals are not just for Christmas.

That’s why I am asking even a big appeal over the winter months for your used postage stamps, stamp albums, old coins/notes, old mobile phones, postcards, and any unwanted items/gifts to help our animals get through this Christmas and have a better home.

Any help would be most grateful. please send your item/s to David Cleggett 75 Kingsley Road Maidstone Kent ME15 7UP


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