I read with dismay about the MCC report suggesting that all existing street sign replacements were to be in English only, further eradicating the visible Welsh cultural heritage of our county.

The justification is truly comedic, citing an antiquated land registry system which itself discriminates against Welsh names and then questionning the intelligence of our highly skilled emergency crews who may be ‘confused by seeing two languages’ - really? In Wales?

What century are this council in?

Post codes, Satnav and GPS are ubiquitous and the latter gives precise locational and en route data to emergency vehicles to within three square metres.

Newer technologies develop apace. Even if true, simple colour coding of future replacements would solve the issue.

This is a smoke screen. The real story here is MCC’s role in supporting the cynical attempts by the current Westminster government to continually undermine the notion of devolution of power and impose a monoBrit identity on all four nations.

MCC has a responsibility to protect the cultural and linguistic history of our county, both Welsh and English - heritage is not for anyone to destroy.

At best these proposals are unfit for purpose in a modern, tolerant society which values difference.

Many will see them as blatantly discriminatory and racist.

Peter Williams

Monmouth resident