ALICE Legg, who represents Drybridge ward on Monmouth Town Council, has decided to leave the council’s independent group and sit as a Labour Councillor.

Discussing her decision, Alice explained that she had not fallen out with Indy Monmouth and hoped to cooperate with them in future.

“I simply feel I have outgrown the Indies and look forward to enjoying the structure, support, and accountability that the Labour Party offers,” she said.

“I have always been a Labour voter and strongly support their policies on education, equality and diversity, inclusion, support for vulnerable people and strong opposition to austerity.

“Labour fully supports the local campaigns and organisations that I am involved with.

“Local community work is vitally important but this must go hand in hand with political action in order to achieve the change we desperately want and need”.

Welcoming Alice, Lyn Tanner, Monmouth Labour Chair said: “Alice will  be a terrific asset. Her community activism and organising, including Magic, Building Bridges, Rockfield Park and Monmouth Foodbank is inspiring to us all. She will be a great addition to the Party and not least to our Women’s Forum. We are all looking forward to campaigning with her.

“Labour has significant support in Monmouth and our presence on the Town Council is important.”