As voters across Monmouthshire prepare to head to the polls on July 4th, those who know him best have urged Monmouthshire residents to stick with their local Monmouthshire Conservative team and to re-elect David TC Davies.

 “David is widely known as a bit of a political bruiser, somebody who is not afraid to stand up for Monmouthshire and speak his mind” said Cllr Richard John, Conservative Group Leader. “Many of our residents won’t necessarily know the man that we have the privilege of working with day in, day out, who we have grown to admire as a diligent, hard-working and compassionate advocate for Monmouthshire residents” added Cllr John.

 "David’s commitment to our community is unmatched," says Cllr Lisa Dymock (Portskewett). "His ability to deliver results for residents with genuine compassion makes him an invaluable asset to Monmouthshire."

 Since he was first elected as MP for Monmouthshire in 2005, David has supported thousands of residents with case work. Even his Labour opponents recently acknowledged in the local media that “as a long-serving MP of nearly 20 years, many local residents have been helped and supported by him over the years” (Labour List, 13th June).

 When Raglan Dairy lost its schools' milk contract to a company in Pembrokeshire, David was the first to step up according to Cllr Penny Jones of Raglan. “He championed our local dairy farmers and businesses to ensure our children received quality products from trusted sources” added Cllr Jones.

 According to Cllr Rachel Buckler (Devauden), David Davies has been a staunch support to farming families across the county. “Farmers in my own ward, and right across Monmouthshire, have made their views known. They trust T C Davies to stand up for them,” said Cllr Buckler.

 The future of the high street has emerged as a key issue in this campaign, with businesses crying out for greater support from the Welsh Labour-run Council to boost trade and footfall.

 “David T C Davies has been extremely supportive of the business owners of Monnow Street in Monmouth” according to Cllr Jane Lucas (Osbaston). “He joined me in championing for free parking to encourage visitors to the town, as businesses are being crippled by the implementation of active travel routes and works undertaken by Welsh Water causing traffic chaos and reduced footfall for trading.”

 The NHS and the importance of maintaining access to local health services has been front and centre of this campaign.

 In communities such as Usk and Skenfrith, which have been blighted by flooding in recent years, David has worked to improve flood defences. “David’s support for the residents of Skenfrith in their battle with Natural Resources Wales, and the support he has provided the town of Usk, is testament of his commitment to residents across Monmouthshire” notes Cllr Tony Kear of Usk.

 David has consistently supported parents fighting for their preferred school admissions. His advocacy for parents' rights, such as the parents rejected a place at Gilwern School recently, gained widespread praise from families across the community.

 “His efforts to ensure every child in Monmouthshire has access to the best possible education is commendable” says Cllr Fay Bromfield. “This stands in stark contrast to his Labour opponent, Catherine Fookes, who supported the Local Labour Council’s recent schools budget cuts.”

 With polls suggesting a Labour victory at Westminster, those who work with David claim his independence and willingness to speak his mind would be a huge asset in ensuring Monmouthshire is not neglected by the current Welsh Labour Government in Cardiff and a future UK Labour Government in Westminster.