INDY candidate Rachel Jupp was elected to the town council Thursday night (29th November) following a by election victory in the Drybridge ward.

She polled 263 votes, seeing off the other two candidates, Martyn Ford, 156 votes and Labour’s Lyn Tanner, 97 votes.

Mrs Jupp had canvassed door-to-door in order to meet the residents of the Drybridge ward.

“It was interesting to talk to so many people and gauge opinion on which local issues really matter to them,” she said.

“As well as high demand for better walking and cycling routes, people voiced concerns over business rates and empty high street shops: it is clear that the central attraction of a vibrant high street is something the town council should be working hard to support.

“As the new Indy Monmouth councillor for Drybridge, I will do my best to connect with the people who have given me the amazing honour of serving them. I would like to thank all those who voted, taking their time to research their candidates and make an informed choice. I would also like to thank the team of Indy Monmouth for their never-failing enthusiasm to do something positive for their town”.

Turnout was just under 24 per cent.

There was one spoiled ballot paper.