An ‘experimental’ road closure for Goldwire Lane is being put for the approval of the council’s cabinet member next week.

The road closure will see, if approved, a ban on vehicles using Goldwire Lane apart from access.

The Councils Active Travel team have identified this section of Goldwire Lane as an area of concern for vulnerable highway users such as pedestrians, cyclists and disabled people due to the limited footway width. It is recognised that this road is also used by vehicles as a “rat run” to access Drybridge Street. 

The report, authored by Phaedra Cleary, Assistant Engineer and  Graham Kinsella, Traffic and Road Safety Manager goes on to say that the length of Goldwire Lane “which is proposed to be restricted, is a highway subject to a one-way only permitted direction of travel, therefore, there is the possibility of inappropriate vehicle speeds being used.

“This in turn, may have a potential detrimental effect on highway safety for vulnerable highway users. 

“Residents and visitors to Goldwire Lane and the surrounding residential areas use this part of Goldwire Lane to walk to and cycle to the town centre and vice versa, therefore, it is an important link in terms of encouraging Active Travel and supporting more sustainable modes of travel. 

The report recommends to Cabinet member Cllr Catrin Maby to proceed and approve and move to implement the proposed Order