AFTER returning from holiday in Corfu, Paul and Sue Williams realised they wanted to do something about their weight.

The couple, who live near Coleford, sought the help of a local Slimming World group after finding it difficult to be as active as they would have liked on the trip.

“The weather was extremely hot and we found getting around really hard work", they explained.

"We decided we needed to do something about it, having never dieted before we thought about joining a gym but that hadn’t worked in the past, so we looked on the website and found a Slimming world group in Broadwell, Coleford, near where we live and decided to join.

“Bev welcomed us both and we were surprised how friendly everyone was.

"Our first week on plan Paul lost 14lb (1stone) and I lost 6lb and so the journey began!

“What we found was we could eat free foods all day long with amazing results.

"Paul now walks 1 1/2 hours a day at a steady pace and his mobility is a game changer.”

Sue also finds walking and going up hills so easy which amazes her.

So far she has dropped four sizes and now enjoys picking from her favourite stores knowing clothes will fit her as before she was only able to buy clothes online.

Both have had huge success with Paul dropping from 20st 12.5lb to 11st 9.5lb and Sue from 14st 8lb to 10st 4.8lbs - a grand total of 13st 11lb!