Having already conquered the European Youth Parliament (EYPUK) Regional finals, eight of our ambitious Year 13 students secured invitations to take part in the second stage Autumn Nationals at Liverpool Hope University, which took place from 7th to 10th September.

What’s it all about?

The European Youth Parliament (EYPUK) is dedicated to providing non-formal education for students, empowering young minds with an understanding of the complex political issues facing both the United Kingdom and Europe. Run by students, each year the EYPUK organises a variety of immersive Regional and National youth conferences, offering those exciting first steps into the world of global politics and debate.

The four-day event, Empower, brings together like-minded, inquisitive individuals to collaborate and debate resolutions on pressing political, social and economic matters facing Europe, mirroring the same format used by the European Parliament today. Here, our students Nell, Amelia, Hannah, Anya, Izzy, Sam, Charlie and Alfie, gained first-hand experience in navigating a variety of real-time issues, motivating them to advocate for a world they believe in, alongside students from schools across the UK, including Haberdashers’ Elstree!

This semi-annual conference gave our students the chance to develop cultural awareness and instil the values of active citizenship and equality for all. The varied debate topics and themes exposed our delegates to new perspectives and challenges, and offered a chance to hone their public speaking, negotiation and debating skills.

The supporting team on the ground kept us up to date with the progress of the event and Kate Bourne, our English Teacher and Head of Year 10, adds “The skills, contacts and opportunities made available to our students with events such as these are invaluable.  These students are now members of the European Youth Parliament and can attend events throughout Europe.  Alongside research, debating, public speaking and socialising, students have also learnt the valuable skill of listening.”.

Join us in congratulating Nell, Amelia, Hannah, Anya, Izzy, Sam, Charlie and Alfie on their courageous and inspiring debates!