Repairs are likely due for Chepstow’s 205-year-old iron Wye bridge.

The old Wye Bridge has over many years the iron become increasingly brittle and subject to cracking. Consequently, it is likely that new cracks will appear once old ones are repaired.

A Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) spokesperson said that a recent inspection has identified new cracking to some structural parts and have monitored and managed these since they were first identified. Inevitably, these will have to be repaired and measures will have to be in place to reduce or minimise the loading and stress on the bridge to prolong its life. These include limiting the weight of vehicles to three tons, testing materials, structural assessments and the installation of strain gauges. MCC estimates that £109,000 will cover the cost of these. All these measures are necessary to keep the bridge open to traffic.

The Old Wye Bridge is a jointly-owned structure and Gloucestershire County Council is liable for 50 per cent of costs.

The next inspection due in November will provide information and data to give an idea of what is required moving forward.