A friendly Short mat Bowls match, was played at Gorsley Baptist Church on Thursday, October 18th, between Gorsley Chapel Short Mat Bowling Club and small group of payers known as 'Wyeight'. Their title is an expression of locality and number, as eight players from the Wye Valley area join together to form a team of nomad bowlers. They have no 'Headquarters', however each team member also belongs to an established club in the area. Players from Gorsley SMB Club responded with enthusiasm on receiving an invitation to play in a competitive game. Sixteen members turned out for the contest, allowing them to field four teams, which played in sequence against the two teams of their visitors. Number one mat saw Gorsley holding their opponents neck and neck for nine ends, with a score of six all as they went into the final end. It hung in the balance until Gorsley Skip Peter James waded in to steal the game with his last wood, winning by three points. On the other mat it was a different story, end five was reached with a score of four shots each, but the Wyeight players upped their game and took control with excellent tight play, freezing out every effort of the home side. Gorsley struggled to hold on, but slid to a twenty-one to six defeat. After a tea and coffee break, Randolph, Shelia, Tom, Trevor, Joyce, Barbara, and the two Peters who form Wyeight, faced two fresh Gorsley Chapel teams led by Bill Offord and Shane Barlow. Bill's team started quietly, holding their own in a low scoring nip and tuck game. No one on either side seemed able to break through. End nine, saw them level pegging on seven points each. Members of Gorsley club held their breath as they watched the climax of this tense game unfold. Could they do it again on the last end? This time it was Wyeight players who gained a foothold, taking shot then building a tight head, preventing Gorsley from obtaining any advantage from the last few bowls. Three vital points were picked up by the visitors, giving them a win often shots to seven. On the other mat, Wyeight bowlers weighed in with some really fine determined shots, building an unassailable lead to which Gorsley, although they played well, had no answer. Games over, Wyeight nomads had clocked up a victory total of 52 shots to 25. Whatever the outcome everyone agreed it had been a super evening, played in a good atmosphere of Short Mat Bowling friendship. Gorsley club was formed only two years ago and games such as this, will strengthen them for future battles and victories.