Following Jeanna Hall’s letter last week I can find no evidence in support of her claim of two deaths in Blackpool because of their shared space scheme. Perhaps Mrs Hall can provide a reputable source for her allegation. In searching for corroboration of Mrs Hall’s allegations I found the report “Creating better streets: Inclusive and Accessible places” published by the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation (CITH) in January 2018; available for free download.

In the terminology of the report the Agincourt Square scheme would appear to be an “Informal Street” scheme where there are more than 100 vehicles/hour. There are details of 11 “shared space” schemes in England, including one at the Kimbrose Triangle in Gloucester. The report has detailed analysis of the incidence of accidents before and after introduction of the scheme. According to the report all but one of the schemes studied were either neutral or had a positive impact on safety and public health. The exception, in Preston, had insufficient information for the authors to reach a conclusion on this aspect of the scheme.

The report has detailed recommendations, most of which appear to be incorporated into the proposed scheme. One, which is not, is on the depth of the kerbs which CITH recommend should be 50-60mm. My understanding is that the proposed scheme incorporates a lower depth.

In my opinion the scheme as proposed will be a big improvement in the Square, particularly to the pedestrian experience, without serious impediment to through traffic and I congratulate the team for securing funding and the consultation process. Let’s get it built and then turn our attention to improving the rest of Monnow Street.

Bob Handley (Monmouth)