FOR more than three decades Paul Hunt has been a teacher at Monmouth School, but as the academic year comes to an end, so does Mr Hunt’s time in the job.

Mr Hunt first came to the school at the end of 1983, as head of strings, a position he still holds. Since then he has been heavily involved in the music department; in 2001 he also took on the role of housemaster of the junior Wye House.

Bringing an end to a career this long is accompanied by mixed feelings. Mr Hunt said: “After so long there are so many parts of the job I’m going to miss, equally I’m looking forward to doing more playing, doing more hobbies.

“My involvement has gone way beyond the music department. I have done a lot for charity fundraising. I have run the school fete for more than 10 years and we have raised more than £30,000.

“One of the things I’m synonymous with is snakes, I have got a collection of snakes in the music department which is different. I did some advising with the RSPCA and used to take in rescue animals, 10 or 11 at one time, and even an 11 foot python.”

Mr Hunt’s charity work is something he holds close and the school has been supportive of, he said: “My involvement with Kid’s Cancer Charity stemmed from my youngest daughter having a brain tumour, so I became interested in that charity in 94, and the school have been great in supporting that.

“It is one of many charities the school supports but that is one particular one that we have adopted as a house charity.”

Working for the charity is just one of the pursuits which will keep Mr Hunt occupied after his retirement as well as spending more time with his family and continuing to play and teach music.

“Hopefully I?will do some more freelance playing in the future and some private teaching, I am very keen to keep the music side going,”?he added.

“It’s going to be a big change, after so long in one place. It’s been a fantastic school to work in, I have enjoyed every minute of it.”

“I’ve got lots of bucket list projects in mind so I’m going to be busy. Retirement is probably not the right word, more a change of direction.”

Mr Hunt’s retirement will be celebrated with a concert held in the Monmouth School Chapel on 8th July which will raise money for Kids Cancer Charity.