An initiative helping people back into employment by making sure they are dressed to impress has been hailed ‘simply fantastic’ by Natasha Asghar MS.

The South East Wales politician had the privilege of visiting Working Wardrobe’s new location in Abergavenny this week at the grand opening.

Working in partnership with Cwtch Angels and Monmouthshire Housing Association, Working Wardrobe donates professional clothing required for job interviews to those who need it.

This fantastic community scheme gives anyone trying to get into work the support they deserve.

Expansion is also on the horizon for Working Wardrobe with plans afoot to open in Caldicot and Monmouth, furthering the support they can offer in the area.

One key element of both Working Wardrobe and Cwtch Angels is the lack of paperwork. You don’t need to meet a criteria or fill out a form to receive help.

They believe in breaking down the barriers between people trying to find work and being successful in finding employment – sometimes that barrier is something as simple as first impressions.

Natasha also got the opportunity to donate some of her late father’s suits to the cause, knowing that they would see a good, worthwhile home.

Cwtch Angels, where the new Working Wardrobe site is based, also run a fantastic foodbank. For just £5, shoppers can get around £25 worth of food.

Thanks to a partnership with the local Waitrose store, this includes meat, fruit and vegetables – which the majority of foodbanks are unable to offer unless tinned.

There are also gluten-free and vegan options, to suit anyone and everyone.

By taking on this food from the supermarket, Cwtch Angels not only help the local community but also reduce food waste – a positive environmental step.

Speaking after the visit, Natasha Asghar MS:

“The work being done here is simply fantastic. Having to fork out for an interview outfit isn’t always feasible but it shouldn’t stop people with the drive and skills from being employed in the field they want.

“You could really feel the community spirit throughout. Everybody just wants to do the best they can to support their local people.

“It is wonderful to know that my dad’s suits are going to a worthy cause, something that I know he would have wanted.

“I very much look forward to working closely with Working Wardrobe and all those involved as plans to expand further across the county progress.”