Former 'Top Gear' presenter and Herefordshire business owner Richard Hammond recently took viewers on a virtual tour of a car park. But this was no ordinary car park; it was the one at a live DriveTribe event. Hammond showcased a variety of cars, from a simple Fiesta to a luxurious Rolls-Royce, all while sharing his genuine enthusiasm for the vehicles.

Richard Hammond started the video by saying, "hello and welcome to a walk around the car park. I'm not really selling that, am I? But if you're like me, you like a car park. This isn't just any car park either; it's the one at our DriveTribe live event." He then proceeded to walk around, describing the various cars that caught his eye. "It's a Fiesta, it's got a B bonnet. You got me a perfect. G wagon spent more on the number plate than the car, I think," Hammond noted.

Hammond seemed to enjoy the diversity of cars in the car park, saying, "Somebody feels welcome here whether they're in the little proton or that." He even confessed to liking Beetles, despite previously being "consistently aggressively rude" about them on his shows. "The fact of the matter is, in that years, quite like be," he admitted.

The former TV host closed the video by inviting viewers to the next DriveTribe event. "Come and join us next time, show us what you got," he concluded. It was an entertaining watch, providing a glimpse into the varied interests of car enthusiasts, all brought together in a single car park.