Last week, the MonLife Sports Development Team hosted the annual PlayMaker Conference for primary school pupils across Monmouthshire. The event aimed to train and celebrate the leadership journeys of Monmouthshire's young leaders.

Around 750 children from 26 of Monmouthshire's 30 primary schools participated in a variety of activities organised by MonLife Services, Monlife Leadership Academy, and external partners; including Rogiet and Dixton Parkrun groups, Monmouthshire Community Hubs (and libraries), Bowls Wales, and Newport County in the Community.

The conference featured a diverse program, including play opportunities, Active Travel promotion, pupil voice initiatives, workshops from National Governing Bodies, team-building exercises, and wellbeing awareness sessions.

The week-long event received tremendous support from Caldicot, Chepstow, and Monmouth Comprehensive Schools, which provided facilities, as well as Abergavenny Rugby Club and Abergavenny Bowls Club at Bailey Park.

Throughout the academic year, the MonLife Sports Development Team has delivered the Sports Leaders PlayMaker award to all 30 Monmouthshire primary schools. Pupils who earn this award contribute positively to their schools' wellbeing. This award is the first step in the Sport Development leadership pathway, leading to the Year 6 Bronze Ambassador scheme and Secondary School Leadership academies.

During the week, 34 Leadership Academy volunteers supported the events, contributing a total of 156 hours. For more information about the PlayMaker program or other Sport Development initiatives, visit or email [email protected].