A COW has given birth to all female triplet calves on a Raglan farm, beating odds of 400,000-1.

Nicole and Caerwyn Tranter were surprised when their British Blue cross Friesian, Rhianna, produced the trio on December 30 at Croes Las Farm as it wasn’t picked up on any of the scans.

More surprising to them was all three were healthy and are now thriving. 

Nicole said: “Rhianna carried them to term and was the last to calf.

“We were worried about her because her belly was getting bigger through the pregnancy but she was getting thinner and her bones were getting more prominent.

“We thought it was just a monster single calf because nothing was picked up on the scans.

“Multiple births for a cow can be stressful for them and the pregnancy becomes very fragile. Often they can miscarry and lose all of the calves.”

The calves, now named Roxanne, Raquel and Rose, are still small but thriving and skipping around the pen.

This isn’t the first time the Tranter’s have defied the odds on their farm.

In 2016, one of their sheep gave birth to healthy quintuplet lambs.