MONMOUTH Comprehensive School has just announced that they have secured “a new supplier for our school uniform”.

In 2017, the school warned parents their children could be sent home if they did not wear a new official uniform that was sourced from a single supplier.

They told parents they must purchase it from a preferred supplier, Trutex in Ross-on-Wye.

Some parents were angry at having to buy £20 trousers and £16 skirts from Trutex, rather than from cheaper shops.

It was said that the school's stance was contrary to Welsh Government uniform advice.

Deputy head at the time, Andy Williams, sent a letter to parents which said "sending students home (in line with Welsh Government guidance) is, of course, our last resort".

Now, as part of the new contract, the school has “secured a significant reduction in price for key items such as blazers and ties. Additionally, we will revise our Uniform Policy to clarify the broad extent of generic alternatives that are permissible as alternatives to the main supplier uniform, as well as provide further guidance on some items such as skirts. 

The change in 2017 meant that Year seven and sixth form pupils were expected to wear a branded blazer and tie instead of the existing polo shirt and jumper, which the school says had become "tired, inconsistent and not fit for purpose".

The newsletter sent to all parents went on to say: “Our main school PE kit is also moving to a generic kit from next academic year, in order to reduce costs for families. There are no design changes to the main uniform.

The new supplier will start before the end of this academic year, so that purchases for next year onwards can be made in good time. 

The school will write again once details are confirmed, and will share the revised policy. 

They claim the policy has been reviewed in line with Welsh Government guidelines on school uniform. 

They added that many families still choose to take advantage of the pre-loved uniform at Bridges in Monmouth or via other means, “and this environmentally-friendly approach will continue to be supported by us”.