MONMOUTHSHIRE County Council has clarified its position regarding dairy and milk supplies in Monmouthshire.

They released a statement today:

“Monmouthshire County Council has been a member of a collaborative approach to public sector food procurement since 2018. The scheme considers all aspects of the food supply chain and we have continued to enjoy the benefits that the partnership approach delivers.

Contracts were recently open for re-tendering. We use the scheme for the majority of our supply needs, but our milk and dairy requirements have changed.

As a result we have been reviewing what we really need and have decided that in this one instance we are going to adopt a stand-alone approach.

As a result, we are starting a fresh process. We will ensure that we give all potential providers a chance to take part and will host ‘meet the buyer’ events before we write our final tender document.

We will remain in tune with legislation and at the same time ensure that Monmouthshire’s present and future milk and dairy needs are best catered for.  

We think the discussions and bids will take about six months and there will be fully transparent approach to the tender and decision-making process.”