I am 85 years old and began my “commercial” life at the age of 16 as a messenger boy in Fleet Street. During the course of my business life I built up two of my own businesses leading to their listing on the London Stock Exchange. I make no apologies for mentioning this as doing the course of my life I have seen an assortment of Governments and Prime Ministers, worked with MPs, had dealings with major financial and related operations etc. On looking at the current set of political parties I have to say that the current situation and what is on offer is at the lowest level during my lifetime.

 We see the SNP running a country which is in debt and relies heavily on the £41 billion it receives from Whitehall, yet has an appalling record on such matters as the NHS in Scotland for which it is responsible, crime and questionable activities of its late First Minister and her husband. Independence and joining the EU? The EU has financial problems so why would they want take on those of the created by and large by the SNP?

 As for the Senedd they have a track record of misusing the revenue and funds they receive on hair brained schemes to many to list although the 20 mph is one. Yes by Hospitals, Schools, Care Homes etc. but not a blanket coverage. Many roads already have speed restrictions down to 5 mph due to potholes, it is a fact that to drive at 20 mph means using a low gear thereby increasing the engine revs which is harmful to the environment! The question of funding the current First Minister and his election? Talk now of increasing the numbers that make up the Senedd, at what cost and more to the point what benefit to the country?

                                                                                                                                                                                                              With regard to other parties Sir Ed Davey from the Lib Dem party seem more interested in ducking his role in the Post Office debacle blaming  his “Advisers” and devoting his time to building sand castles and falling off water slides to amuse children. Does he plan a career as a child entertainer because as a politician?

Sympathy with the Green party but at present all heart and no common sense. We contribute circa 2% to Global Warming and unless the USA, India, And China to name but three make a serious effort we are pushing water uphill. Russia is also a guilty party. China is opening up more coal mines! Surely the best way would be for a limited period to capitalise on our oil and gas resources to ease the energy issue and cost and export surplus to countries that are buying from Russia such has been the case with Germany. During this relatively short period get behind the nuclear energy option. Rolls Royce have successfully developed the opportunity of regional nuclear energy sites so spend the time and money here which could then lead to a reduction of coal and gas or even no requirement.

 Sadly the Conservative Party has lost its way since the days of Margaret Thatcher or the Iron Lady she was often called. She at times made decisions that upset some people but always in the best interests of our Country. I had the pleasure of meeting her on a number of occasions through my business activities. The party has not made the best use of our Brexit freedom, continues to give millions to the French with the immigration problem whilst their Police simply stand by watching the rubber boats depart. Those that have difficulties in  the crossing are lucky to be rescued by French vessels who then look for an English Border  Control vessel to pass them on to and complete their journey instead of taking them back to France. Our Foreign Aid programme is out of control passing money to the likes of China and India. There are also questions that remain unanswered does all the money given to countries get to where is it intended. Sadly we can’t be as charitable

As we would like to be in reality, money spent on such matters should be directed to the needs of our own first. Remember the expression Charity begins at home. The current Government should put that money to better use such as poverty issues, social services etc. After all it is only a case of redirecting the money not raising more.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Finally the Labour Party. Better described as the Deceit Party. Yes a couple of promise  such as no tax increase on VAT but when asked about other possible changes to taxing the  State Pension, Death Duties etc. all they can say is” Not in our plan “ Take it for sure come their first budget all hell will break loose. Consideration will be given to a range of issues such as inheritance tax, death duties, capital gains tax, all of which has already been taxed as such benefits have been made by taxed income. Opportunities for the public to invest in companies worthy of financial support to grow could be taken away by cancelling the Enterprise Investment Scheme and further tinkering with the Venture Capital Trust opportunities.

 It will be interesting to see if Starmer can hold on to the role of PM or will Rayner with the support of her Corbyn,leftie,union masters  take over. Failing that she will I suspect be pulling the strings!

I am reminded of Sandie Shaw long ago winning the Eurovision song contest with a song called Puppet on a string perhaps an appropriate theme song for Starmer!

 So come July 4th perhaps we should consider which party will do the least harm if elected and make a serious effort to resolve the issues that we  really face and not just vote on the jam tomorrow promises.

 John French