Celebrations are in order with the news that Mark Drakeford is on the way out. My only concern is who will replace him in the hope that his replacement brings some common sense to the party and does not carry forward the endless trail of disasters and misuse of ratepayer’s funds. Plans appear to be on the table to spend circa £18 million adding more Politicians to the Welsh Parliament! 

His track record is appalling leaving Wales in an abysmal state across so many areas, as reflected in his approval ratings which behave crashed over recent months. Let alone announcing a £900 deficit, endless examples of fund wasted investigating projects that were not fit  to move forward,  Investing in the farcical speed limit of 20 mph accepting areas such as schools and hospitals should be protected. Money should have been put to helping hospitals solve the bed blocking situation in hospitals by funding social services to take on care for patients fit enough to  go home but needing help in the short term for after care.


I have just experienced this bed blocking scenario. Having been listed for attention to a heart issue I was given a date to go for treatment at University Hospital in Cardiff. On the agreed date for me to go to hospital treatment was cancelled at two hours’ notice due to the lack of a bed. I have now been told all will depend on the bed situation in January for hospital treatment! This is no reflection on the hospital staff etc. but simply the lack of attention by the Drake ford clan. The list is endless including education, roads, and as I have said social issues.


We are facing a rates increase and a possible £500 charge for employees who have the benefit of parking at their place of employment all to refinance the errors of judgement made by the First Minister and his cohorts. There is a total lack of experience in running a large organistion in a fitting and proper manner. A desperate need for professional/commercially experienced team not politician devoid of such experience to ensure ratepayers funds are used to good effect.



John French