As stated in my two previous letters and the views expressed in an earlier issue of The Beacon by our MP the situation regarding the lack of the use of a lift at the Leisure Centre moves to nothing short of a total disgrace.

The lift has a history of failures since installation but nothing as appalling as experienced over recent months with two failures now approaching a total of four months resulting in the loss of the facility for those with mobility issues. The result has been a loss of revenue and Membership cancellations in addition to the serious inconvenience for those that try to cope with the stairs. During this period a new motor was installed but failed after two days. I was pleased to hear that a specialist engineer had been called in to identify the problem and a notification was issued saying following that visit the fault would be rectified on Friday the 15thOn the 14th a notification was issued saying that date could not be met and it was hoped that all would be resolved on this coming Tuesday the 19th. Based upon past experience one can but take that with a pinch of proverbial salt!

I struggle to understand with the past history it has taken the County Council so long if at all to act on this matter and whilst the Town Council are not directly responsible but have they made any effort to put pressure on the County Council on behalf of residents? One must question having invested in excess of £7 million in the Centre there would appear be little or no interest. Someone must take responsibility for placing the contract and ensuring those parties involved would be capable of meeting relevant obligations. I must say I have the greatest respect for those working at the Centre having to cope with the comments and criticisms of members regarding this fiasco on behalf of those ultimately responsible.

We can but live in hope the matter can be resolved as at present it is rather like being on a children’s roundabout praying it will stop so one can get off !

John French