It was very interesting to read the article in the current issue of The Beacon on the 20 mph scheme.

The attitude of the First Minister, Mark Drakeford, to the views expressed with regard to the introduction of a 20 mph limit, ignores the 430,000 and increasing numbers of signatories opposing the introduction is nothing short of appalling. This from a man leading a Government that has recently announced a £900 million deficit and the probable resultant reduction in budgets for such things as social services, education etc. but happy to spend significant sums on the introduction of the 20 mph restriction. I am all in favour of speed controls where schools, hospitals and similar places are involved but the current introduction is beyond belief. I have spent many years working with leading car manufactures as an adviser in various forms including BMW, Lotus and Jaguar. Very few cars can travel at 20 mph other than in second or third gear which is hardly beneficial to the environment, resulting in build ups, tailgating and lines of traffic increasing the risk of accidents. I have seen two accidents as a result plus a couple of near misses when pedestrians have misjudged the distance of oncoming traffic and have run across the road. We already have in place a major speed reduction in place by way of the drastic condition of our roads with potholes, and botched repair patches causing damage to vehicles and at times risks with traffic trying to “dodge” such hazards.

Mark Drakeford seems to be an admirer of the Lord Mayor of London which is not a very good example travelling as he does in an armoured car with security escorts and travelling the world at the expense of the public promoting his unrealistic views and contributing to the negative aspects of climate control. I do travel to and in London on business so have first-hand experience. In central London traffic rarely gets the chance to get above 20/25 mph anyway. Extending the restriction be it London or Wales is nothing but a negative on so many important matters be they private or commercial.

That apart we do already have in place speed restrictions due to the poor state of our roads as a result of pot holes and botched temporary repairs I suggest the First Minister gets his priorities sorted!