There are many good and kind volunteer groups in Monmouth including Monmouth Transition, Bridges Befriending Group, Monmouth Litter Group and the Rotary Community Champions, all doing their bit to make the Town the popular place it is in which to live.

All are used to passers-by thanking them for their voluntary efforts as they work but they all could do with more actual help rather than words of appreciation, however kindly meant.

What a surprise it was therefore when the Champions were working alongside a County Council team improving the appearance of the green patch alongside the car park in Blestium St. when a visitor to the town, Garry Holliday, whilst enjoying a restful cup of coffee viewing the River Monnow, asked whether he could he join them in digging out a shallow trench in which they all then planted Lavender and Rosemary bushes (pictured). As they say, one volunteer is worth ten pressed people and so, (pictured below). His much welcomed enthusiasm and youthful energy helped finish the job at hand.

The Community Champions wish to say “Thank you Gary” from your fellow workers on the day and welcome anyone else who has the occasional hour or so to spare!