MEMBERS of a popular Monmouthshire golf club were left shocked by its sudden closure last week.

The directors of Raglan Parc Golf Club Limited announced the closure of the golf course and club with effect from 1st November after disputes between the club and the landlords, Raglan Castle Properties Ltd.

In a letter to members published on the club’s website, Nigel Price said he was: “Personally heartbroken that our golf club, after so many years of hard work by so many of us, will be lost.

“I find it beyond belief that our landlord can be so contemptible and callous to sit by and watch us go under, after our rescuing the club and their investment, from certain closure some eight years ago,” he wrote.

“As a result of their actions, both Colin [the golf club’s PGA professional] and I will lose a considerable monetary investment, made for what we believed would be the club’s future.”

“My sincere thanks to all those who have helped in the success of the club (and there have been many) and hope you find it in your hearts to forgive us (the board) for the action we have been forced to take.”

In January 2013 a new management structure was put in place at the club, aimed at trying to stem losses both financially and in membership numbers. In mid-2014 a five-year agreement was reached with the landlords with regard to rental payments, which a representative of the club says have “always been met by the company to date”.

However since 2017, when the agreement had only about 20 months to run, the golf club and the landowners had been unable to reach an agreement on a new lease.

“Without a long lease or the prospect of outright purchase it has proven impossible for us to raise the necessary finance to continue trading through the coming winter months,” said a club spokesperson.

“The directors are heartbroken by what has happened and apologise for the current state of affairs. They would like to thank all their staff and members who have worked very hard to make Raglan Parc one on the best and most successful clubs in the area over the past five-and-a-half years.”