Your readers may be interested to know of a fun event for all the family.

As part of the programme commemorating the six hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, there is an opportunity to learn all about King Henry’s deadly weapon – the longbow – fired with great skill and accuracy by men from Gwent and the Forest of Dean.  Re-enactment companies will be staging demonstrations and encouraging people to ‘have a go’ at Monmouth Castle on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd August.

To add to the spectacle, the organisers are also inviting entries to decorate a gazebo in the mediaeval style; with flags, banners and heraldic devices. You could even imagine you are part of the army camped on the eve of the battle and turn out in appropriate costume.  Money prizes will be awarded to the most imaginative and colourful designs. You must be able to provide and erect your own gazebo which should be free-standing, since pegs cannot be fixed into the Parade Ground, and in place by 11am on the Saturday. Entry forms are available from Shire Hall, Agincourt Square.

Come along and make a bit of history! 

David Evans