Further to Mr Boase’s letter in the Beacon last week (‘Cosy world’ of council, Beacon letters 6th November), I accept his apology and thank him for the publicity he provides both Monmouth Town Council and Cllrs Feakins and Roden in particular, of whom 11 mentions were made. Indeed, what Mr Boase’s letter does kindly highlight is how hard working town councillors are in their duties.

In response to the ‘cosy world…. snaffling of… top posts” your readers may be interested to hear that in May 2017 Indy Monmouth councillors had seven chairs or deputy chairs of the five council committees, including chair/deputy chair of both full council and the finance and policy committee. In comparison the Conservatives had a single deputy chair. No mention was made of the balance of posts then by Mr Boase, possibly as he was a candidate in the Overmonnow Ward for them. However, this seat counting misses the point, which is that councillors are there to represent the views of our residents no matter what political label is applied, and strive to do so!

That Cllr Feakins and I were fairly elected for both town and county councils by the residents of Drybridge and Dixton with Osbaston respectively in accordance with the rules is a matter of public record. We thank them for their support and will continue to work hard on their behalf.

Richard Roden (Mayor of Monmouth)