So in the midst of me talking to people about the possibility of another lockdown here in Wales, my hens have been locked down.

They now have to ’socially distance’ from wild birds, as a case of Avian Flu has been reported near Crickhowell.

Whilst I completely understand the need for them to be kept indoors and away from wild birds, which may carry and/or spread the virus, it’s obviously far from ideal.

After a bit of head scratching and a lot of anxiety, I have relocated them to my little ’poly-house’, which is a cross between a greenhouse and polytunnel.

Initially, I was worried that it might be a bit too warm in there for them and had visions of them using it like a spa with me going in one morning and finding them all with fluffy white towels wrapped around themselves.

Thankfully they seem relatively settled and comfortable in there and are enjoying their Deliveroo-ed fresh grass and greens - like lettuce, carrot tops and cabbage.

I’m not so sure other hens will be so lucky - most coops are quite small and don’t have any natural light.

So if you have had to bring in lockdown measures for your own chickens please ensure they have a supply of fresh greens, some light - even if it is a battery operated light during the day - and of course, plenty of fresh water.

It is also worth providing more than one drinking point if possible so that the dominant hen cannot guard the water - as they do.

Add a bit of grit to their food as they won’t be able to scratch about for it naturally and if you can hang a lettuce or cabbage from the ceiling of the coop, that’ll keep the hens a bit more occupied too.

I researched ’hen treats’ (as you do) as I thought they would probably enjoy some mealworms, but it turns out that 2014 DEFRA announced a ban on the feeding of mealworms to chickens.

The ban is still not widely known by many poultry keepers - and can be confusing - but basically it appears that most mealworms are imported and may have come into contact with, or been fed, animal protein which could then potentially pass on disease.

It’s a minefield out there.

A few weeks ago I recommended a mealworm breeding kit, as a Christmas present, from which will be a way around the DEFRA ban, but even better than that, I have discovered that the British Hen Welfare Trust have the most amazing online shop for ’hen treats’. It’s fab.

You can buy a Grub Treat Mix, a Chicken Treat Ball, a Boredom Buster Gift Set - and wait for it - Chicken Popcorn. And it comes in two flavours - garlic or fruit.

I’m sooooo excited. I love the thought of locked down hens being able to ’henjoy’ a few treats.

And of course your feathered friends don’t have to be ’self isolating’ to have treats - it is Christmas after all.

Just Google ’British Hen Welfare Shop’ - it’s easier than copying a link.

One good thing about the poly-house is that I’m actually enjoying a bit of time in there with my four hens - Dora the Eggs-plorer, Hen Solo, Princess Layer and Attila the Hen (she’ll be the one protecting the water bowl). They are the most amazing company, inquisitive, intelligent, comical and far better company than a lot of people.