The Veteran's Hub held its official opening on Monday, October 2 at the St John Ambulance Hall in Fairfield Car Park, Abergavenny; marking a brand new chapter for the veterans of Monmouthshire.

However, whilst the opening ceremony has only just occurred, the Hub has been running at St John Ambulance Hall for the last sixteen months.

Prior to this, the veterans had been running the hub from Abergavenny Town Hall; which they quickly outgrew as numbers increased.

"Since moving to St Johns Hall, we have gone from strength to strength," shared Bryn Probert, the RBL Chairman, "we have had more people join over the last couple weeks and it's great to see new faces."

What makes the Hub a community, is the links you find with people you have never met before.

"You can meet a perfect stranger, and within five minutes find the strangest connections... for example, I used to pack the mail into water-proof containers that would then be dropped by parachute to the ships taking part in the Cod War between Iceland and Great Britain over fishing rights. I was talking to another veteran and realised that some of the mail that I packed included love letters that his wife would send him.... it really is a small world!" Bryn said.

The Hub provides veterans - young and old - with advice, guidance, and support on topics such as housing, benefits, debt and health and wellbeing; anxious about the future, or struggling to adjust to civilian life.

"It's a great place for a chat and banter... plus have free bacon rolls, tea and coffee on hand!"

The Hub is open every Monday from 10am – 12pm.