Contrary to Cllr Feakins’ opinion, many Indy Monmouth voters are feeling enthused rather than ‘duped’ by their progress to date. They promised us transparency and change so it is only right that the old ways should be reviewed and assessed at the start of their time in office. Of course the majority of the 16 councillors may come to the conclusion that certain, or indeed all, aspects and procedures should remain in place. However I fully support the right to at least question what has taken place in the past.

Cllr Cotton was democratically elected as mayor. It is not a badge of honour to be passed around in turn. Cllr Feakins and Mr Hayward come across as petty-minded and under threat. I can’t understand such a defensive stance. Most town council affairs are cross party issues and all councillors pledged to do their best for Monmouth. It’s time for them all to work together.

For the first time in my 11 years in the town, I’m feeling engaged and enthusiastic about town council affairs. I wish all 16 of them well.

Rachel Skelsey-Beard