Ross-on-Wye will be missing its beloved Family Fun Day this year due to “unforeseen circumstances”, but not all is lost. Instead, the focus is shifting to an Odd Object Competition.

Taking place from Saturday, 22 July to Friday, 4 August, the contest invites everyone to explore the charming local shops of Ross-on-Wye. Participants will be engaged in a search for hidden objects, items not usually associated with the selling point of that particular shop.

The contest, orchestrated by Colin Leggate, promises to offer some fascinating rewards. These prizes have been generously donated by the esteemed members of the Ross Business Association. Age categories for the competition include Fishers (under 9), Toybox (under 16), and Lalena (over 16).

The anticipation is palpable as the event is soon to kick off. Entry forms are expected to be available to download from the Ross Carnival website - starting from the 22nd of July. Additionally, physical forms can also be collected from the Market House, Ross Library or Lucas Motorcycles.

Although the 2023 Ross Carnival Family Fun day may have been a casualty of Covid, the Odd Object Competition has undoubtedly emerged as a silver lining. This entertaining event has the potential to bring the community together in a shared spirit of discovery and light-hearted competition. So, get your keen eyes ready and prepare for a hunt around Ross-on-Wye’s delightful shops.