Monmouth Comprehensive School headteacher Hugo Hutchison has told the Beacon what’s happening about next year’s school prom.

The annual tradition - which has been happening for decades - was shelved last year and many are concerned that the same will happen next year.Some have heard rumours that it has already been decided to cancel next year’s prom, but these rumours are not true.As it currently stands a decision has not been made, one way or the other, as to whether or not the prom will go ahead.Mr Hutchison told the Beacon: "At the moment we can’t even have a year group assembly, and case numbers are going up amonst 10-19 year olds."He added that he wants the y11 and y13 proms to go ahead, but the school must be mindful their public duty to keep everyone safe."We can’t put members and students at risk, just because of something we want to do" he said, "I make no promises of what can happen regarding the prom, but I really want it to go ahead."The decision as to whether the prom would go ahead would be made earlier than for other events, so that students don’t end up spending lots of money on plans that don’t come to fruition.Last year’s students - rather than an evening prom - were treated to an afternoon tea in a more Covid safe environment.The school decided last month, to move an in-person parents’ evening to an online one on short notice, this was because such an event is easier to move online than a prom where a substantial amount of money is paid up front.What the school wishes to avoid, would be an event like the superspreader which happened when a number of y11 students from Caerleon Comprehensive School organised a non-affiliated prom last August. Public Health Wales and local councils highlighted the issue after a substantial number of positive cases have been linked to the prom.