In reply to a request for further information, the new supplier for milk to Monmouthshire County Council has confirmed they have been reassessed since the January hygiene inspection and have now confirmed they have attained a level 3 rating.

We reported last week that the contract for the supply of milk to the council’s schools, care homes, leisure centres and tourist attractions was awarded to Haverfordwest dairy, Totally Welsh, a trading name of Mark Hunter Ltd.

When they were awarded the contract in January by MCC, they had a hygiene rating of 1. 

The previous supplier, Raglan Dairies, run by James Durose, has the maximum rating of 5.

General Manager John Horsman confirmed that they were inspected again on February 29th of this year and were awarded a rating of 3, indicating a performance level of ‘Generally Satisfactory’ by the Environmental Health Officer at Cardiff City Council.

John explained that until four months ago “we had a small depot in Southpoint which we had outgrown and so we purchased a much larger site in Lyon Close [from More than Milk Ltd] which was visited on opening by Cardiff city’s EHO and given an initial rating of 1. The depot has since been revisited and the rating moved to a 3.”

He went on to say that their longer term aim is “to raise our rating to a 5, but to achieve this we need to reroof the entire building which is estimated to cost £25,000 and as we are going to this expense we are looking into grant availability for solar panels, allowing us to recharge electric milk floats and progress our sustainability ambitions.”

The February report stated. 

“Schedule A details the work needed to comply with food safety law. 

It is divided into three sections representing the three areas you are scored against for the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

This work, or work considered equally effective, must be completed within 3 months to gain full approval for the business. 

Schedule B details work needed to comply with Allergens law. Schedule C details work needed to comply with Food Standards