As part of its annual Celebration of Welsh Farming Week campaign, NFU Cymru has held a Monmouthshire stakeholder event at the farm of NFU Cymru Monmouthshire County Chair, Emma Robinson. 

The event saw NFU Cymru bring together partners and organisations from across the county to discuss opportunities to work together locally for the benefit of Welsh agriculture. 

NFU Cymru Monmouthshire County Chair, Emma Robinson said: “Every farming business supports a significant number of wider businesses. The reliance on a functioning, viable farming sector is vital to many families, businesses, communities and organisations in our area. 

“Our ability as a nation to feed itself is of growing importance in a world which is increasingly unstable as conflict rages in many parts of the globe, supply chains are increasingly stressed and our climate changes. Welsh farmers produce sustainable food for the future and we’re here to do that. We produce safe, high-quality food while looking after and enhancing the environment.” 

The union, having launched its Secure the Future of Welsh Food / Diogelu Dyfodol Bwyd Cymru campaign, is hoping to see significant numbers signing the online pledge which will underline the high level of public support for food produced in Wales.

Speaking at the event, Andrea Leach from Cotteswold Dairy said: “The value of Welsh milk and patriotic story behind its production, is really appreciated by our customers. We need to ensure that Welsh farmers can continue to produce high quality, full traceable food in order for us to meet the demand for Welsh produce.”

During a tour of Grosmont Farm, Emma Robinson added: “From our own farmgate sales, the support for Welsh faming and the tasty and nutritious food we produce, whilst contributing to the environment, economic and social well-being of the country, is heartening and encouraging. We know farmers in Monmouthshire and beyond, can deliver.

“We want policymakers to see that the Welsh public want future support to deliver on the production of safe, sustainable, high-quality food produced in Wales. By holding this event we have spoken to organisations across the county about