A Monmouth artist is having a solo exhibition at Canwood Gallery in Hereford.

Aisling Edwards went to Monmouth School for Girls and left after GCSE to go to Hereford Sixth Form College for her A Levels. 

Her’ work is showing congruently with a Damien Hirst exhibition on the same grounds.

She trained at Falmouth University where she obtained a First-Class Honours, BA Photography, in 2021. 

She styles herself as a visual artist producing a combination of sculptural interventions and observed landscapes considering themes of climate change and sustainability for future generations. 

She was awarded a mentorship with the photographer and researcher, Dr. Yan Wang Preston, under the Redeye Graduate Mentoring Scheme 2021.

Since graduating, her work has been exhibited in the UK, Europe and USA, including at Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall where it was viewed by G7 visitors to the gallery; published in ‘Artists Responding To’ available at Tate Modern, London, and has given a talk alongside Harvey Hood (Welsh Sculpture Trust and Council Member, Royal Society of British Sculptors) on the question “How does contemporary public sculpture transform our landscape?”, commissioned by Cardiff University Centre of Creative Economy and Monmouthshire County Council.

In March 2024 two of Edwards’ photographs ‘Offa Spoke’ and ‘Perished in One Hour’ were exhibited at the Milan International Photography Fair, under the ‘Erik Kessels: Welcome to My Unknown Award – 1ST Edition’ Award, where nine emerging contemporary artists under thirty-five years of age and engaged with photography as an artistic language were selected.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 30th June.

Aisling Edwards pledges to donate 10% of profit from online sales of her art to Surfers Against Sewage after the end of each financial year.

Surfers Against Sewage is a charity fighting climate change which is designed to help protect the oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife.  If you would like to know more about their initiative please visit Surfers Against Sewage.

Kurt Jackson, a painter and environmentalist whose work inspires Aisling Edwards also donates to Surfers Against Sewage through commissions. His practice emphasises the complexity, diversity and fragility within the natural world.