As the pace of preparation for this year’s Monmouthshire Show continues to build, Mike Herbert takes a little time out to tell us about his family’s longstanding passion for the show, the things he finds most challenging and what he finds most satisfying on the day itself.

Mike has memories of the Monmouthshire Show that go back to his childhood, when his grandfather, John Hoddell - a local farmer, was chairman.

Mike says: “I fondly remember going down to the showground in the lead up to the day, helping my grandpa to set up, putting stakes in the ground and signage up around the fields.

“I would look forward to the show itself for weeks and save up as much pocket money as possible to spend on the day with my friends. Those early memories have stuck with me and led to a lifelong love for the show.

“I moved away from the area to study physics at university, then spent a few years in Surrey and London before deciding that I wanted to move back to this part of the country.

“On my return my mum, who is also a previous chair of the show, told me that the show committee could use some younger input! So, back in 2019, I decided to take the plunge and go along to a committee meeting.”