Peter Fox MS met with NFU Cymru at Gary Yeomans’ Pant Farm, Llanvetherine, Abergavenny in Monmouthshire on Friday June 10.

The meeting was one of a series of on-farm political engagements organised by NFU Cymru to round off the union’s activities as part of the first ever Celebration of Welsh Food & Farming Week. The week of campaigning celebrated Welsh farmers’ role in producing high quality, affordable food alongside providing wider economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits for the people of Wales, all whilst meeting the sector’s ambition for net zero agriculture by 2040.

The visit to Pant Farm was also another opportunity for Peter Fox MS to sport his new Welsh wool wheatsheaf lapel badge. The eye-catching badges were provided by NFU Cymru to all 60 Senedd MSs to show their support for Welsh agriculture throughout the Celebration of Welsh Food & Farming Week.

Speaking after the meeting, host farmer Gary Yeomans said: “I was really pleased to be able to welcome Peter Fox MS to visit Pant Farm today. With Welsh Government expected to introduce the Agriculture (Wales) Bill later this year, this is an essential moment for farmers to be showing our Senedd representatives the important role Welsh agriculture plays for Wales’ food production, environment, landscapes, economy, culture and heritage.

“I very much hope that Peter Fox MS continues to recognise the multiple benefits that Welsh farms deliver for the people and communities of Wales, and I hope he will be a supporter of our industry in the Senedd chamber as future policy is developed. NFU Cymru is keen to work with all of our MSs to harness this once in generation opportunity to co-design a true ‘farm to fork’ food and farming policy that will help Welsh farming achieve its aspirations.”

For more information about NFU Cymru’s Celebration of Welsh Food & Farming Week activities, visit the NFU Cymru website.